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Year 2017

  1. Borja López-Pérez, Henry P. Pepper, Rong Ma, Benjamin J. Fawcett, Ashok D. Pehere, Qi Wei, Zengchun Ji, Steven W. Polyak, Huanqin Dai, Fuhang Song, Andrew D. Abell, Lixin Zhang, Jonathan H. George (2017) Biosynthetically Guided Structure–Activity Relationship Studies of Merochlorin A, an Antibiotic Marine Natural Product, ChemMedChem 12(23), p. 1969-1976, pubmed,

  2. Na Yang, Chaomin Sun, Lixin Zhang, Jianguo Liu, Fuhang Song (2017) Identification and analysis of novel inhibitors against NS3 Helicase and NS5B RNA-dependent RNA polymerase from hepatitis C virus 1b (Con1), Frontiers in Microbiology 8(NOV), p. 2153, pubmed,

  3. Shanshan Li, Li Zhou, Yongpeng Yao, Keqiang Fan, Zilong Li, Lixin Zhang, Weishan Wang, Keqian Yang (2017) A platform for the development of novel biosensors by configuring allosteric transcription factor recognition with amplified luminescent proximity homogeneous assays, Chemical Communications 53(1), p. 99-102, url,

  4. Jun Qi, Bo Zhao, Peipei Zhao, Airong Jia, Yonggang Zhang, Xin Liu, Changheng Liu, Lixin Zhang, Xuekui Xia (2017) Isolation and characterization of antiangiogenesis compounds from the fungus Aspergillus terreus associated with Apostichopus japonicus using zebrafish assay, Natural Product Communications 12(2), p. 261-262, url,

  5. Wenni He, Yao Li, Yuejie Qin, Xiaomei Tong, Zhijun Song, Yu Zhao, Ran Wei, Li Li, Huanqin Dai, Wenzhao Wang, Houwei Luo, Xin Ye, Lixin Zhang, Xueting Liu (2017) New cryptotanshinone derivatives with anti-influenza A virus activities obtained via biotransformation by Mucor rouxii, Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology 101(16), p. 6365-6374, pubmed,

  6. Miaomiao Liu, Tanja Grkovic, Xueting Liu, Jianying Han, Lixin Zhang, Ronald J. Quinn (2017) A systems approach using OSMAC, Log P and NMR fingerprinting: An approach to novelty, Synthetic and Systems Biotechnology 2(4), p. 276-286, pubmed,

  7. Mei Liu, Pei Huang, Qian Wang, Biao Ren, Ayokunmi Oyeleye, Miaomiao Liu, Jingyu Zhang, Xiaolin Li, Xiaoping Zhang, Lixin Zhang, Xueting Liu (2017) Synergistic antifungal indolecarbazoles from Streptomyces sp. CNS-42 associated with traditional Chinese medicine Alisma orientale, Journal of Antibiotics 70(5), p. 715-717, pubmed,

  8. Qiang Gao, Gao Yi Tan, Xuekui Xia, Lixin Zhang (2017) Learn from microbial intelligence for avermectins overproduction, Current Opinion in Biotechnology 48, p. 251-257, pubmed,

  9. Jian Zhang, Sanshan Wang, Qi Wei, Qianqian Guo, Yingjie Bai, Shaoqiang Yang, Fuhang Song, Lixin Zhang, Xiaoguang Lei (2017) Synthesis and biological evaluation of Aspergillomarasmine A derivatives as novel NDM-1 inhibitor to overcome antibiotics resistance, Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry 25(19), p. 5133-5141, pubmed,

  10. Wei Qiu, Biao Ren, Huanqin Dai, Lixin Zhang, Qiong Zhang, Xuedong Zhou, Yuqing Li (2017) Clotrimazole and econazole inhibit Streptococcus mutans biofilm and virulence in vitro, Archives of Oral Biology 73, p. 113-120, pubmed,

  11. Junjie Han, Congcong Liu, Li Li, Hui Zhou, Li Liu, Li Bao, Qian Chen, Fuhang Song, Lixin Zhang, Erwei Li, Ling Liu, Yunfei Pei, Cheng Jin, Yanfen Xue, Wenbing Yin, Yanhe Ma, Hongwei Liu (2017) Decalin-Containing Tetramic Acids and 4-Hydroxy-2-pyridones with Antimicrobial and Cytotoxic Activity from the Fungus Coniochaeta cephalothecoides Collected in Tibetan Plateau (Medog), Journal of Organic Chemistry 82(21), p. 11474-11486, pubmed,

  12. Yuying Zhu, Pei Huang, Na Yang, Rui Liu, Xueting Liu, Huanqin Dai, Lixin Zhang, Fuhang Song, Chaomin Sun (2017) Establishment and application of a high throughput screening system targeting the interaction between HCV internal ribosome entry site and human eukaryotic translation initiation factor 3, Frontiers in Microbiology 8(MAY), p. 977, pubmed,

  13. Jing Liu, Yunfu Chen, Weiwei Wang, Min Ren, Panpan Wu, Yansheng Wang, Changrun Li, Lixin Zhang, Hang Wu, David T. Weaver, Buchang Zhang (2017) Engineering of an Lrp family regulator SACE_Lrp improves erythromycin production in Saccharopolyspora erythraea, Metabolic Engineering 39, p. 29-37, pubmed,

  14. Yi Jin, Guojuan Gan, Xiaoyun Yu, Dongdong Wu, Li Zhang, Na Yang, Jiadan Hu, Zhiheng Liu, Lixin Zhang, Huachang Hong, Xiaoqing Yan, Yan Liang, Linxian Ding, Yonglong Pan (2017) Isolation of Viable but Non-culturable Bacteria from Printing and Dyeing Wastewater Bioreactor Based on Resuscitation Promoting Factor, Current Microbiology 74(7), p. 787-797, pubmed,

  15. Xinjun Zhang, Hongtao He, Rong Ma, Zengchun Ji, Qi Wei, Huanqin Dai, Lixin Zhang, Fuhang Song (2017) Madurastatin B3, a rare aziridine derivative from actinomycete Nocardiopsis sp. LS150010 with potent anti-tuberculosis activity, Journal of Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology 44(4-5), p. 589-594, pubmed,

  16. Jing Liu, Jie Li, Hong Dong, Yunfu Chen, Yansheng Wang, Hang Wu, Changrun Li, David T. Weaver, Lixin Zhang, Buchang Zhang (2017) Characterization of an Lrp/AsnC family regulator SCO3361, controlling actinorhodin production and morphological development in Streptomyces coelicolor, Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology 101(14), p. 5773-5783, pubmed,

  17. Mattheos Koffas, Qiang Gao, Lixin Zhang (2017) Introduction to the Special Issue: “Arnold Demain – Industrial microbiologist extraodinaire”, Synthetic and Systems Biotechnology 2(1), p. 1,

  18. Richard H. Baltz, Erick Vandamme, Lixin Zhang, Ramon Gonzalez (2017) Introduction to the Special Issue: “Arnold Demain—Industrial Microbiologist Extraordinaire”, Journal of Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology 44(4-5), p. 503,

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